Merlin, connected by Kahuna™

Looking for real privacy?

Merlin Essentials™ is completely FREE!

Creating and sharing content is super simple. Merlin's encryption is automatic and always on, so there's absolutely nothing to setup or learn. It just works.
Merlin uses the Kahuna™ Network for everything you share with others or sync with your devices, adding additional encryption for files, messaging, video calls... all of it.
Merlin Essentials™ is completely free and comes with 500 MB/month of data transfer. Unlock Merlin Prime™ or Merlin Pro™ for unlimited data and many other cool features!
Total Encryption
Everything in Merlin is encrypted and only you have the keys. Everything you share with others is separately encrypted, both in transit and when it arrives in their devices.
Complete Anonymity
You can use Merlin anonymously. We can't see your content or track you. Plus, everything is automatically anonymized when you communicate with others.
Secure Editors
View images and watch videos in complete privacy! Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and much more entirely within Merlin's secure editors. No other apps needed.
Try Merlin for free

For Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Privacy is a fundamental human right

We've built something that changes the digital privacy equation for everyone.

  • Everything you do in Merlin is truly anonymous. You can even upgrade anonymously.
  • Only you have the encryption keys - you own your data. We can see nothing.
  • We collect no personal information, and we keep no logs. Read our privacy policy.
  • Everything is always encrypted in your device and in the devices of the people you share with.