Safely communicate anything Merlin, connected by Kahuna™

What is Merlin?

Merlin is a super-app… it's like having Facebook, Skype, Office, Dropbox and WhatsApp all in one place.

Powerful new Syndex™ technology lets you discover hidden meaning in your own data, and find things no matter how you remember them.

Everything in Merlin is encrypted inside your devices, and encrypted inside your friend's devices whenever you share stuff... built-in content viewers and editors keep everything in memory only!

Secure Comprehensive encryption
  • In-device encryption
  • In-transit encryption
  • Private editors
  • Anonymous connectivity
  • Zero knowledge
  • Connected by Kahuna™
Synetic Complete integration
  • Encrypted voice and text
  • Regular & secure email
  • Contacts and calendars
  • Encrypted file manager
  • Banking and Finance
  • Anonymous personas
Smart Intelligent simplicity
  • Privately share anything
  • Run secure social nets
  • Sync all your devices
  • Visualize relationships
  • Cut through clutter
  • Grasp the meaning

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right

Better than most, we understand how technology threatens privacy. The potential for abuse terrifies us, so we've volunteered our time to build something that fundamentally changes the equation, for everyone. As individuals we've worked on some of the biggest data and networking projects in the world for the largest corporations and agencies there are. We know our stuff.

  • We collect no personal information. Privacy Policy.
  • You can pay for and use our products anonymously.
  • Everything is always encrypted in-device and when sharing.
  • Only you have the encryption keys - you own your data.
  • We accept no ads and have nothing to interest advertisers.
  • All communication is truly anonymous. We keep no logs.