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Thumbnail images

A thumbnail is a small image made by Windows of the files you browse. Up to seven sizes are made of the first page of documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, the first frame of videos, text files, pictures, certain emails, and more. Windows does this to speed up previews the next time you browse a folder. 


What's the problem?

If your device is lost, stolen or hacked your privacy is at risk because thumbnails are not deleted when you delete the files from which they're made, nor are they wiped when you use a file-wiping app to permanently erase a file. They remain long after, often in sizes large enough to be readable by an intruder.


What can I do?

To show you just how serious a problem this can be, we've created an app called ThumbPrints Viewer™.  It's completely free, and you can download it here

Use it to scan you device for hidden thumbnail images, and if you discover that Windows has images of files you thought were long gone, consider joining the Merlin community where you can download ThumbPrints Wiper™ to permanently destroy them… 



ThumbPrints Viewer™ is completely free.  Get it here.

ThumbPrints Wiper™ is included free with any purchase of Kahuna™ Traffic Credits.

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