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We're building apps to restore your privacy because we believe in a few simple principles…

  • Privacy is a basic human right, one that protects your mind as much as it protects your body, maybe more.
  • Speech must be free across all forms of expression. Make no mistake, though; free speech does not mean free action.
  • The rule of the law is critical, but it must not come at the price of destroying the very rights it was created to protect.
  • Mass surveillance creates a suffocating atmosphere of self-censorship and paranoia. It eventually leads to the most dehumanizing thing imaginable: mind control.  

Are you lucky?

Maybe you live in a country with strong human rights protection. If so, you're lucky... at least for now. 

But don't get too comfortable, because even a casual read through history reveals that all too often, somehow, things don't always stay that way.


No less than Benjamin Franklin himself said,

”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.

In fairness, it's been correctly pointed out that this quote has often been modified or misconstrued because Mr. Franklin was not referring to corporate or government intrusion into the lives of his fellow citizens, but that criticism misses the point – those profound words are just as valid no matter who said them, or why.


Family matters

Perhaps you come from a perfect family? Maybe no one in your family has ever had a serious mental condition, failed to pay off a credit card, gotten pregnant when they shouldn't have, or gone bankrupt. Maybe no one in your family has ever made a mistake. 

If so, you are the exception. For most people the popular image of the perfect family is actually a myth. We all know that, we just don't want to say it out loud.


 Most of us have skeletons in the closet – perhaps it's a crazy relative, or a child or sibling with an alternate sexuality, or a family member with a serious physical or psychiatric condition, or any of a hundred other serious and distinctly personal issues.   

And that's a key phrase, isn't it?  Personal issues need to remain personal. It's inexcusable that the systems we rely on so heavily – such as text messages or email — are so poorly secured that even some random 15-year-old could easily break into them. 

That's just not right.


So what can people do?

Information is power, so begin with the simple realization that denying data to those who would violate your privacy is an extremely effective way to reduce the harm they might cause you.

Look for an app...

  • with encryption that's automatic, pre-configured and always on.
  • that never leaves data unencrypted, even on devices you send it to
  • with secure editors that respect the data you entrust to them.
  • that has an anonymous network able to encrypt even the metadata.

Of course, all this must be seamlessly integrated in a single, simple solution.



Merlin keeps data safe inside all devices.

Kahuna™ keeps those devices safe when they communicate. 

It's all completely automatic.

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Sr. Designer, UX

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