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This short blog is written to make our support for Net Neutrality explicit and clear.  We believe that if we lose Net Neutrality, the freedom of the internet is at grave risk.

We're also writing this to compliment the Electronic Frontier Foundation for the clever and effective protest mechanism they created on their website, as pictured above and below.

When you first open their home page, you're presented with a simulated ISP blocking page, suggesting that you must pay to access particular websites, which of course can be anything they don't like or that doesn't pay them in advance for permission to be shown.

After a few seconds the simulation ends with this announcement…


After that, it's business as usual. 

Clever.  Effective.  Point made. 

This video from Vimeo explains why it matters so much.



Please, people, take this to heart.



Published on 2017-07-12 by:
Information Custodian

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