Costs and Accounts

How much does Merlin cost?

Merlin Earth™ is free, and comes with 100MB of free Kahuna™ Traffic Credits. 

Merlin Ice™ is $9.95 and comes with 5GB of free Kahuna™ Traffic Credits. 

Merlin Wind™ is $19.95 and comes with 10GB of free Kahuna™ Traffic Credits. 

You can compare the features of all three versions here.

How do I create a website account?

It's easy and free. It's also anonymous if you want. 

When you create a website account we ask you to create a Kahuna™ ID, which can be anything you like so long as it meets formatting rules and no one else is using it. We also ask you to create a password, which should be something easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. Rather than just a word, consider using a phrase from something memorable, such as "The rain in Spain…" (don't use that particular one, however). You'll give your Kahuna™ ID to people you want to share with, and they'll give you theirs. If you want to remain anonymous then don't create a Kahuna™ ID that uses words or numbers that identify you personally. Keep it generic.

You'll also need a working email address, which can be on any public or private email system such as yahoo or gmail. It does not have to link to you personally, but you will definitely need it from time to time to authorize changes to your account such as verifying the addition of new devices. So make sure it's an email account you can access on an ongoing basis.

That's it. If you want to install any of our products or use services that involve a fee, such as purchasing Kahuna™ Credits, you have many payment options, including the anonymous ones described below. It's a good idea to also read our Privacy Policy.

Can I change my Kahuna™ ID?

Yes. Log onto your account on the Merlin website and you can rename your KahunaID to anything you like, provided it meets minimum formatting rules and no one else is using it. When you change your KahunaID, the people you've given it to will no longer be able to share with you, nor will you be able to share with them unless you invite them again using your new KahunaID. To them, it will seem as if the old ID has simply disappeared.

That may not be what you want, or it may be exactly what you are trying to accomplish by dropping your former KahunaID. If so, another better way of 'disconnecting' from people is to simply disable sharing with them, one person at a time (in their Contact Window), without needing to change your KahunaID.

Please note that if you are using a version of Merlin that supports multiple Personas, each Persona has its own KahunaID.

What happens if I lose my login credentials?

Your login credentials consist of a Merlin password and one or more Persona passwords and, optionally, sets of unique 'click-points' in login images. The passwords and image click-points can be the same or different on each device in which you install Merlin. You alone know what these are: if you lose them we cannot help you.

Make absolutely certain you select passwords or phrases that are easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess. If you want to use login images, you can select from a number of standard images or add your own (recommended).

Our research shows that even after a prolonged period of disuse, people more easily remember unique points on a personally meaningful image (a family picture in which you chose each person's nose, for example) than a complex password or pass-phrase.

What happens if I lose my encryption keys?

Your personal encryption keys are an inseparable part of the Merlin installation on your device. Merlin manages all the keys for you; you don't have to do anything with them manually. So the only way you could lose the keys is to lose the device on which Merlin is installed, or if the device itself is damaged.

You protect yourself from such losses the same way you do with all your other important data: simply make a backup copy of your encrypted Merlin data file. Additionally, if you have Merlin installed on a second device and you enable full synchronization, Merlin on your second device will be an exact clone of Merlin on your first device. This is a sort of automatic backup; you don't have to do anything.

How much do Kahuna™ Traffic Credits cost?

Kahuna™ Traffic Credits are sold using a sliding scale quantity discount (the more you buy the cheaper they are). One credit is equal to one gigabyte. At the $25 level you get 32 gigabytes (that's about 78 cents per gig). This can drop as low as 67 cents for larger purchases. So for an average user who shares a typical number of files and also makes several hours worth of encrypted voice calls per week, $25 of Kahuna™ Credit is enough to last for about a year (i.e., about 2 bucks a month).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit and bank cards, personal and corporate cheques, wire transfers, a wide variety of premium cards, prepaid gift cards from VISA, American Express and Master Card, and a number of anonymous payment methods, including postal money orders, electronic currency and cash over the counter for KahunaTraffic Credits.

You can also purchase KahunaTraffic Credits by sending your KahunaID and cash via snail mail. Simply write your KahunaID on a piece of paper and enclose it and your cash in any of the major currencies listed below in an envelope and mail it to us. One good way to ensure that the currency and your KahunaID are not visible through the envelope is to wrap it in three or four pages cut from a discarded magazine (check it against a bright light). The amount you send doesn't matter; we will calculate the correct amount of KahunaTraffic Credit to the closest megabyte, rounding in your favor, and using the closest discount increment. We then credit the Kahuna ID you specify (make absolutely sure you include it).

Note that because sending cash is a completely anonymous payment method, if your envelope is lost in the mail there is no way for us to track it – you therefore assume complete responsibility for cash payments. When it arrives we will credit your account; if it doesn't arrive, there is nothing we can do. That said, such problems are very rare. Please note that in the United States it is perfectly legal to mail cash (you can even insure it), but that postal regulations in some countries prohibit the mailing of cash. Do not violate local law.

Acceptable major currencies include:

Euros US Dollars Pounds Sterling
Japanese Yen Indian Rupee Chinese Yuan
Swiss Francs Canadian Dollars Australian / New Zealand Dollars
Brazilian Real Indonesian Rupiah South African Rand

Depending on exchange rates, you'll get the best deal by sending US Dollars or Euros.

Can I send a Postal Money Order?

Yes. Postal Money Orders can be purchased using cash at post offices in many countries. Some require the purchaser to present identification, but many do not.

If you are in the US, and mailing payment to our US representative's address, please send a 'Domestic Money Order'.

If you are in the US and sending a money order to one of our EU addresses, purchase an 'International Money Order'.

Money orders denominated in Euros or US Dollars will not require a currency exchange, and are therefore the most efficient, but we will accept money orders denominated in any of the major currencies listed. 

Please make absolutely certain you include your Kahuna™ ID or we will not know which account to credit your purchase to.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques and money orders denominated in:

Euros US Dollars Pounds Sterling
Japanese Yen Indian Rupee Chinese Yuan
Swiss Francs Canadian Dollars Australian / New Zealand Dollars
Brazilian Real Indonesian Rupiah South African Rand

Depending on exchange rates, you'll get the best deal by denominating your transaction (whether by cheque or cash) in Euros or US Dollars.

Do you accept Prepaid Visa™, Mastercard™ or Amex™ gift cards?

Yes. These can be purchased using cash at retailers throughout the US and several other countries.

Is my web account password also used as my Merlin password?


How can I see if my payment has been processed?

Log into your account on our website, or select Account Management in the settings dialog of your copy of Merlin. To see if more KahunaCredits have been posted to your account, simply look at the 'KahunaFuel Gauge' on the status bar in the lower-right corner of the Merlin screen. You will see the size of the green bar grow when your payment has been credited.

How can I see how much Kahuna™ Traffic Credit I have?

The amount of KahunaTraffic Credit you have remaining is shown on the KahunaFuel Gauge"(located on the status bar in the lower-right corner of the Merlin screen). You can also log into your account on our website, or select Account Management in the settings dialog of your copy of Merlin.

I lost my web account password, what can I do?

Go to our website, enter your web account ID and click on 'Lost Password'. The site will then guide you through the password reset process. Note that you must be able to access the verification email address you used when you signed up for our service, or the mobile phone you provided if you chose that as the verification method.

Are there any discounts?

Our apps are either free or very inexpensive, so discounts don't really apply to them. KahunaCredits are sold on a sliding scale; the more you buy the cheaper each one is. For corporate and bulk reseller sales, please contact our corporate and international sales group.

What is your privacy policy?

In a nutshell, we try not to collect ANY personally identifying information about our customers. You can read the details in our Privacy Policy.

Are you keeping logs?

The only logs we keep are at the network protocol level, to detect and manage DDoS and related attacks on our services. We do NOT log user activity, IP addresses or Kahuna™ IDs, but we DO track how much Kahuna™ Credit (expressed in bytes) an ID uses. But that's all.

We do not track usage, traffic patterns, connections, or anything else. Furthermore, when you sign up for our services we urge you to compose an account name and a Kahuna™ ID that in no way identify you personally (in other words, make up something like 'JohnTheGreat9', not 'JohnSmith'). That way, even if you don't believe us about not logging anything about our users, it still doesn't matter. And also bear in mind that if financial transaction privacy is important to you, there are many anonymous ways to pay for our services. For more information please see our Privacy Policy or read this blog post.

What if a court orders you to divulge account information?

It's simple: we divulge it. But as you can see from our privacy policy, we do not request (and you should not supply us with) any type of personally identifying information. When you sign up for our services, make up a meaningless web account and KahunaIDs. And if remaining anonymous is important to you, pay for your KahunaCredits using one of the anonymous payment methods. We collect no usage data of any kind, other than the amount of KahunaCredit you have remaining (expressed in bytes), and we have no encryption keys and no ability to decode even a single byte of data that is imported or entered into Merlin or that moves through the Kahunanetwork. Our goal is to have nothing meaningful to divulge in the first place. We don't ask for it, and you should not offer it.

I don't like your App, can I uninstall it?

Absolutely, yes.

Of course, we'd love to know what you don't like (click here) and hopefully we can fix it. But before you leave us, have you checked our product roadmap to see if a feature or capability you're looking for is coming in a new release? Maybe it's just a matter of time…

However, if you just can't wait, our apps are easy to uninstall.  Just go to the Windows Control Panel - Programs and uninstall it.

Will I be able to use my existing Kahuna™ ID on new devices I purchase?

Yes, your Kahuna ID is always the same (for a given Persona) on every device.

I'm 15 and I want to share stuff with my friends. Is Merlin good?

Merlin is better than good, it's perfect. But unless you're part of your parents' family plan you can't use Merlin because you must be 18 (see our Terms of Service). Until then, Mum and Dad need to be able to check up on you as easily as the government checked on them before they got Merlin. Stick with Facebook and WhatsApp. And keep your nose clean, they'll be watching you. Heck, everyone's watching.

If I have multiple Personas and I buy Kahuna™ Traffic Credits for one, can my other Personas use them?

Not directly, no. The reason has to do with keeping a very 'tall wall' between every Persona, such that there is no way to detect that two different Personas are in fact the same person. If we were to place all the Kahuna™ Traffic Credits you buy in a single 'pool' from which any of your Personas could draw, under certain extreme conditions it would be possible for an eavesdropper to determine that there was a relationship between those Personas. For this reason every Persona is absolutely separate from every other, including having separate Kahuna™ IDs and separate Kahuna™ Traffic Credits.

All that said, our philosophy is, it's your money and you should have the right to do something unwise with it if you want. What you can do is use the 'Transfer Kahuna™ Traffic Credits' function to transfer some credits from one of your own Kahuna™ IDs to another one, rather than give credits to someone else. But please note that we keep no record of such transfers, so once you confirm a gift we have no way to undo it.

Please note that the transfer of Kahuna™ Traffic Credits is not supported in the alpha or beta phases of this website.