Social Media

What is a social media home page?

Each Merlin social media group you create has a home page that every member of the group can see. The home page contains an activities section, a who's online section, and links to other pages in the social group. You can enter new group posts right on the home page to share information immediately or just update your status.


The home page for each group also shows you a list of members in the group and links to related groups to which you belong. You can arrange posts in a timeline or by people, topics or keywords, and you can create new pages within the group or instantly contact other members, all from one place. Group owners can also add new members. 

How do I create a social media group?

It's easy. Just create a new group, set the group properties, and invite people in your contact list to join. Members must be people with whom you already have agreed to share.

How many members can my group have?

There is no limit.

Are groups public?

No, Merlin social media groups are private; membership is by invitation only.

Are posts moderated?

You can set up the group to be pre-moderated, post-moderated, or with no moderation at all (that's what most people do). Pre-moderation means that the group owner(s) must approve every post before it is 'made live' such that all members can see it. Post-moderation means that a post becomes live as soon it's made, but the group owner(s) can remove it later if there is something objectionable. 

What content can posts contain?

Posts can contain richly formatted text, images and embedded files, including videos. All embedded objects can be viewed or played using Merlin's secure memory-only editors and viewers.

Does Merlin Social Media use Kahuna™?

Absolutely. All Merlin Social Media posts are completely private and encrypted. They can be viewed only by group members.

Can I create new social media 'pages'?

Group owner(s) can create an unlimited number of group pages, which appear in the list of group pages on the left side of the group's home page. Members can decide which page to post in, and decide if their contribution should also have a summary posted in the group's home page. In addition to the home page, each group automatically gets a News page.

Can I link to public social media sites like Facebook?

Because Merlin Social Media groups are private by definition, no direct links are possible. However, you can publicly post your Kahuna™ ID and the name of your Merlin Social Media group on sites like Facebook, and people can then send you sharing invitations. In such instances, we recommend you create a separate Persona (with its own Kahuna™ ID) and place the group in that. Note: you'll need Merlin Wind™ to create and manage multiple Personas.

Can I create text or voice chats with just the group I choose?

Easily, yes. You can create fully encrypted text and voice chats with all the members of a group, or any subset, simply by selecting the group and pressing 'Chat'.

Can I send something private to only one member of a group?

If you are the group owner, every member of the group is someone you have decided to share with, so all you have to do is select 'Share' on anything in Merlin you'd like to send that person.

The same is true if you are a group member and have decided to share with another member (by previously exchanging Kahuna™ IDs). If you have not done so, then just ask them for their Kahuna™ ID and invite them. Once they accept you can share privately as well.

Is Merlin Social Media 'in the cloud'?


Can I convert emails and documents into Merlin Social Media posts?

Simply drag and drop! It's all secure, all the time.

Can any member invite a new person to join a group?

No. Only the group owners can invite and accept a new member into a group.

How many group owners can there be?

There is no limit. In theory, you could make every person in the group an owner, and occasionally that's something people will find convenient, but it does mean that anyone can change anything about the group. This works well for some, but can become very chaotic for others. Making a member a group owner is easy, and reversing it is easy as well, technically. But you may face 'political' issues if you grant and then subsequently remove someone's ownership (this demotes them to being just a regular member). We suggest you carefully consider any such promotion in the first place.