What people are saying

Merlin is in alpha review on Windows 7/8/10, and we're beginning to get some really great feedback from testers we'd like to share with you…

  • … it's amazing how easy it is to share stuff, just a single click.
    Sarah R.
  • … utterly comprehensive, and the way the Syndex finds hidden meaning is amazing!
    Jason B.
  • I don't need to buy an office package, Merlin has great word processing and spreadsheets built right in, they work just like you'd expect.
    Morgan S.
  • My favorite feature is the automatic GPS locator for pictures. Now it's easy to see how much I was revealing about my family whenever I blogged a picture. Who knew?
    Jody E.
  • Fast and simple. I installed the alpha, picked my language and that was it… nothing else to configure. I created a private social network in just a few seconds and invited people. The rest just happened.
    Tyler G.
  • The encrypted email is great, plus it goes via Kahuna™ so I don't need an email provider.
    Steve M.