Using Merlin

Merlin is like having Skype, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft Office and email in an encrypted super-app.

Merlin lets you communicate using secure text and encrypted voice, video, email and file sharing. You can create and edit files in complete privacy, and build private social networks. Merlin lets you manage banking, appointments, to-do lists and tasks, and sync all of it on all of your devices safely, without using cloud storage.

Best of all, Merlin keeps it all neatly organized in a kind of hyper-index we call a Syndex™, safely encrypted inside each device.

Merlin unifies you digital life

Merlin unifies your digital life

Merlin unifies all your electronic activity in a secure app where you can find anything in a flash, and where different bits of information can "find each other" to discover new meaning. Merlin lets you network only with people you trust, free from advertising or intrusion, all from one place.

Today's digital reality is a mess of data in disconnected apps that are unaware of what each other is doing. They can't talk to each other, and almost nothing is secure. Here's how one alpha test applicant put the problem...

"This is nuts... My contacts are in Outlook. My writing is all over my laptop, iPad, and Dropbox. My work files are on my other laptop. I've got more contacts in Skype and Yahoo. My banking is in Quicken, and half my life is exposed on Facebook, with yet more contacts. iTunes has most of my MP3's locked up tight. My movies are all over the place. None of it's safe and almost nothing's indexed or organized. I don't even know what I have anymore".

Merlin fixes all this.

Merlin organizes family activity

Merlin organizes family activity

With Merlin's family plan you can automatically synchronize your appointments, contacts and files with everyone, on all their devices. You decide who needs what, and Merlin takes it from there. Best of all, you can effortlessly communicate with each other in complete privacy using secure voice calls, instant messages and encrypted email. It's entirely automatic, absolutely no configuration is required. You'll never have to say, "Oh, my husband has that" or "Where are the kids supposed to be tomorrow?".

Add your friends to Merlin and you can expand your circle of safety as large as you need it. You'll be able to selectively share contacts, organize family outings, and much more. And you'll never have to publicly post vacation pictures or videos of your kids because you share them only with others in your private Merlin networks.

Merlin protects your work

Merlin protects your work until you're ready to publish

If you create content of any kind, whether it's a personal blog or the next great novel, one of the last things you want is for work in progress to leak out and become the unfinished standard by which you are judged. With Merlin you can draft and redraft anything, share editing copies with friends and associates, and build a truly finished piece with the assurance of complete privacy until the moment you are ready to publish it.

This protection begins right inside your devices because Merlin comes complete with secure editors and private viewers for most popular file types, including MS Word, PDF, Excel and most audio, video and image files. Temporary files and unencrypted files are never saved to permanent storage, so even if you lose possession of your device there's no risk.

Merlin keeps your collaborations smart and secure

Merlin keeps your collaborations smart and secure

Merlin allows you to create special-purpose groups to work safely and securely on all sorts of projects. Each member of the group can participate at any level of visibility as set by the group leaders. Files, conference calls, appointments, collaborations via screen-sharing and everything else related to the development of a project is organized within that project's folders. Each item is cross-referenced automatically to the people who originated and subsequently worked on it, to automatic calendar entries representing its chronology, and to every item that related to it. Merlin figures all this out automatically.

You can share and synchronize all your project files and edit most kinds of documents right inside Merlin using powerful yet completely private editors. Merlin keeps a complete revision history of all the files you exchange with each other.

Plus, you always know what's happening because all group and personal activity is shown in a real time panel on the main Merlin screen called Trax™, including document changes, incoming calls and messages, arriving email, appointments, tasks and much more. You won't have to run multiple applications, and you won't miss notifications because something's minimized. It's all right in front of you, and all in one place.

Merlin handles sensitive topics privately

Merlin handles sensitive topics privately

Merlin is a great tool for practitioners who are subject to privacy requirements that mandate they keep client interactions and information secure. Service providers can organize and securely share files with their clients with a single click, and automatically deliver online services via encrypted voice calls in complete confidentiality - and keep track of it all from within a single application.

Therapists can conduct private voice sessions with patients and surveyors can submit data with verified delivery. Accountants and tax professionals can exchange sensitive financial documents with their clients, and lawyers can share case files with clients in total privacy.

In fact, almost every professional will find that Merlin noticeably increases the quality and safety of the service they deliver.

Better email for everyone

Better email for everyone

The problem with email is, we're all using a technology that hasn't been updated since it was invented nearly 40 years ago. Merlin improves it in ways that are easy and obvious, yet have never been done before.

For example, Merlin files every email by all its relevant dimensions, including who sent it, all of the people it was sent to, and most valuable of all, by all of the topics discussed in it. This is entirely automatic; you don't have to do anything. So once you have read a note, all you have to do to clear it from your inbox is press "AutoFile". Merlin moves it to the archive but keeps references to it organized by sender, recipients, subject and all of the major topics in it. It's a personal version of the same technology email providers use to scan your notes for keywords to target ads at you, but used securely only for your private personal benefit.

It gets better...

Merlin completely supports regular email, but by using Kahuna™ Merlin also allows you to send private mails that are completely encrypted and which support special features such as very large attachments, scheduled sending, built-in delivery receipts, read-once self-destruct messages, and much more.

Merlin is a corporate-scale app

Merlin is a corporate-scale app

Merlin adapts well to small business because it can be deployed at an extremely low cost to give employees powerful communications and privacy. It's especially suitable for companies in the 5 to 500 employee range that can't afford sophisticated security infrastructures, and yet do not want to outsource sensitive company data to cloud-based services. It also provides employees with a formal, high-quality alternative to ad hoc file sharing, which is often unsecured and can violate regulatory requirements. There's no maintenance, no hardware and only minimal administrative cost, and yet it's all within IT's control.

Simply by creating discussion groups using Merlin's private social media and adding the appropriate employees and customers, you can rapidly switch from high-risk open communications to a simple yet totally secure environment. For a very modest operational expense (and no cap ex) you can deploy Merlin on Monday, spend the remainder of the week bringing people into it, and be running by the following Monday. Everywhere and anywhere. Or you can deploy it incrementally and let people learn it on their own, just as they taught themselves to use their iPads. It's safe to let employees and groups experiment and devise good working solutions on their own because everything in Merlin is automatically encrypted end-to-end and within every device.

Merlin is safe, obvious and simple

Merlin is safe, obvious and simple

If you've ever tried to use an encryption product like TrueCrypt or install encrypted email certificates and keys, you'll know what an error-prone mess it is. Most people give up in frustration.

In Merlin we've automated the entire process - the only choice you have to make is the language you speak1. Everything else is automatic, including downloading an open-source encryption plug-in and setting up your secure Merlin data container.

Once you start using Merlin you'll discover that you never have to leave the home screen. You can find anything you need in the Syndex™ on the left, and you can see everything that’s happening in the real-time Trax™ monitor on the right. And everything you work with is in a familiar tabbed interface in the center. It's powerful yet incredibly simple to use.

Merlin uses the Kahuna™ Network

Merlin uses the Kahuna™ Network

Merlin uses the encrypted and anonymous Kahuna™ network whenever you sync data with your other devices or share with other users.

In addition to Merlin's built-in encryption, Kahuna™ also encrypts everything that is sent to it, before it ever leaves your device. And that encryption includes all of the metadata about whatever you are sending or saying, including who you are communicating with. So an eavesdropper cannot even tell where a file is going or with whom you are having a secure voice call.

And because Kahuna™ uses its own ever-changing mesh of network connections, internally it doesn't need to use the IP addresses of the apps to route data between them. That means it's impossible for a recipient to know the IP address of the sender, and vice-versa. That kind of data simply isn't part of the protocol. And no one has the keys except you. No one.

  1. Merlin supports English, French, German, Italian, Malaysian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Additional languages are in development.