Who we are

As individuals we've worked on some of the biggest data and networking projects in the world for the largest corporations and agencies there are. We know our stuff. Better than most, we understand how information technology threatens privacy. The potential for abuse terrifies us, so we've decided to do something fundamental and profound about it.

We're a worldwide group of freedom-spirited volunteers - friends and former colleagues throughout the IT industry. We range in age from 19 to 64, split almost exactly between men and women. We are programmers and artists, scientists and writers and network engineers from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK, the USA, and elsewhere.

We don't want and will never accept advertising or venture capital - we want to build something for the people, by the people. Most especially, we don't want you to be a product. So, we have to charge something, but only just enough to build safe apps and run a truly secure network connecting them. Our apps are extremely sophisticated, yet they are either free or extremely cheap. And so is the Kahuna™ network, where credits never expire, because we believe that when someone pays for something, it's theirs forever.

We're in this for the accomplishment, not for money.


Become part of this... please join us.